Instagram Feature

So this is cool, Instagram featured me and my weather photography today! “I just love how beautiful storms are, and I love to go out and capture their beauty,” award-winning weather photographer Kelly DeLay (@kellydelay) says. After years of marketing and building websites, Kelly changed the path of his career in 2009. Over the next several months, Kelly estimates he will travel at least 15,000 miles (24,140 kilometers) — from south Texas all the way up into Canada — to photograph storms, and he’s not the only brave soul on the road. “If it’s May in Oklahoma, you will get hundreds of …

High Plains Chasing with Von Wong and Friends

The Opportunity In June of this year, I got a chance to collaborate with one of my favorites, epic conservation photographer  Von Wong on a project he wanted to do called, Surreal Storm Chasing Portraits. His concept was fascinating to me. He wanted to spend a week to 10 days on the Great Plains chasing storms, asking his fans to meet up with us, model and bring out everyday items to place in front of the storm. I thought it was a very exciting idea, I was thrilled to be a part of it. The Challenge The list of challenges for this …

Reprocessing Lightning Image from 2011

During the second year of my Clouds 365 Project (2011), I captured an image that I was proud of at the time. It was a long exposure of cloud to ground (CG) lightning hitting the ground and crawling back under the storm base. A combination of CG and spider lightning. I never liked the processing I did on the original, however. I thought it would be fun and redo it. Post processing tools and technology are far better than they were four years ago, even my Photoshop skills are far superior. Below are the before, published in 2011 and the …

Heart of a Tornado Warned Oklahoma Supercell

Looking into the heart of a tornado warned supercell in Southern Oklahoma during Spring 2013. Amazing teal hail core. The colors were crazy cool!! [ purchase cialis overnight delivery | cialis price in canada | viagra on line order | viagra movies ]

Storm Clouds Look Like Waves Crashing

  It is an amazing feeling looking up and seeing skies like this. The storm clouds look like you are under water watching waves crash. More of shots like this Kelly DeLay on Instagram [ viagra order | viagra women | cialis by mail | veega ]

My First Lightning Images

I have been fascinated with storms and especially lightning for as long as I can remember. Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, we had storms all the time, especially in the Spring. When I was 13 years old, I built a camera to photograph lightning for my school science fair. The camera was a simple pin-hole camera made out of cardboard sealed with black gaffe tape, bolts and wing nuts for loading / advancing 35mm film. [ viagra history | viagra non prescription drug | what is viagra made of | viagra generic ]

The Watchman of Zion

I love Zion. It is one of my favorite places in the world. Every year it seems I come back to this famous overlook in Zion National Park to get a shot of the Watchman of Zion at sunset. I don’t do many landscape shots, but it is always fun to do them at iconic places like this [ viagra scotland | cialis order | viagra chinese medicine | discount viagra ]

Horseshoe Bend Panoramas

Spent an amazing week in Utah and Arizona with the family. Of course there were long drives and hikes to National Parks and monuments. Here is one of my favorites of the trip. Horseshoe Bend outside of Page, Arizona (Google Map Link to Horseshoe Bend). This is a 20 image multi-row panorama using my amazing Really Right Stuff PG-02 FG Pano Gimball head. It stitched seamlessly in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC new Pano merge feature. [ what is better than viagra | viagra expiration date | advice viagra | order viagra air travel ]

My Chromecast Images

A couple of years ago, I was asked by Google+ if I would be interested in sharing my images for Google’s streaming media device called Chromecast. The images would be used for a screen saver when Chromecast was idle. There are many photographers participating, so I was very happy to be among them. One of the interesting thing to come out of it is the views on my Google+ profile skyrocketed. To this day there are over 16 BILLION views. Most of those are from Chromecast I am sure, but it is still fun to look at One of the reasons why I wanted …